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RedOne Red Aqua Hair Wax 150ml


Long lasting flexible hold which allows you to maintain the desired shape throughout the day.
Specially formulated aqua wax with a sweet, strawberry fragrance. 

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RedOne Green Matte Hair Wax 150ml


Clay content gives a strong hold and a natural matte finish.
Specially formulated and enriched with vitamins for your hair to create natural and long lasting styles.

redone orange.png

RedOne Orange Aqua Hair Gel Wax 150ml


Long lasting flexible hold which allows you to maintain the desired shape throughout the day.
Specially formulated gel aqua wax with a sweet, peach fragrance.

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RedOne Keratin Matte Hair Wax 150ml


This RedOne Keratin Matte Wax is great for creating natural looking styles, whilst the keratin ingredient cares for your hair.

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RedOne Bright White Aqua Hair Wax 150ml


RedOne's newest wax has a fresh scent of cleanliness and amazing shine that lasts all day. The Bright white wax has a strong firm hold with easy ability to build up. 
Like all the other RedOne waxes it is easy to distribute, no flaking and easily washes off with water.
Great to create any look.

redone mattifying.png

RedOne Mattifying Hair Powder Wax


This product is ideal for adding extra natural volume to any hair type, especially thin hair. With its lightweight formula it creates body, texture and a matte finish. Providing a great hold with powder form it is also used as a dry shampoo to keep your hair looking great between washes by absorbing excess oils from the hair. 
Add as much product needed to create any look.

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BarberPro Gentlemen's Sheet Mask


The BarberPro Sheet Mask is a rejuvenating and hydrating treatment for the skin. Packed with natural ingredients that instantly rebalance oily and dry patches while increasing elasticity and improving skin tone. 
Containing the powerful anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties of Green Tea extract that will target problematic skin, balance and improve oily and dry conditions while reducing redness.

barberpro foaming.jpg

BarberPro Foaming Cleaning Mask


The BarberPro Foaming Cleansing Mask is a self-foaming sheet mask that bubbles to create a micro massage on the skin that cleanses the skin of impurities, it works deep into the pores and cleanses away blackheads. 
Utilising activated charcoal and a rich AHA complex created from lime, lemon, apple, orange and grapefruit the detoxifying mask is also suitable for acne prone skin while refining the pores and reducing oil. 
Suitable for all skin types.


BarberPro Face Putty Black Peel Off Mask


The skin rejuvenating of the BarberPro Face Putty loosens blackheads and cleanses deep into the pores to remove impurities while clarifying and purifying the skin and rebalancing oily areas. Peel the mask away to reveal fresh, clear skin! As well as long term anti-ageing benefits and improvement to your skin, this range of luxury masks are also perfect before a night out, special occasion or for pure indulgent luxury and relaxation.

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BarberPro Post Shave Cooling Mask


BarberPro Post Shave Cooling Mask is a sheet mask that covers your face and neck. Simply apply after shaving to cool and sooth the the skin while nourishing and hydrating. As well as being ideal to reduce redness, the mask is infused with collagen as an anti-ageing treat and all in just 15 minutes.

barberpro under eye.jpg

BarberPro Under Eye Mask With Activated Charcoal & Volcanic Ash


This hydrogel under eye patch with activated charcoal will help to reduce tired looking eyes. 
Perfect to use before a night out or a special occasion to make you feel awake and fresh for the event!


FM World Aftershave 

From £15

Designer inspired aftershaves for a fraction of the price. Different fragrances are available to order upon your request. Call us today to find out what we have offer! 

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